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DoWell offers reliable information, local market knowledge, and personalized client service. Our motivated global team ensures responsiveness and empathy to meet clients’ unique needs. Partner with us to unlock opportunities and achieve success

About Us

Each sample is unique in our User Experience Lab and gives insights for innovation

We are based in Singapore and have field teams in prominent cities across Asia and Africa. Our services will help you target specific markets and reduce your infrastructure costs for gathering information about these markets

DoWell is providing exclusive user experience research information from the field to support user-centered product design of medium and large companies globally. Our area of expertise are

User Experience Research

Solutions to specific user-centered design problems of a product or service in a targeted segment.

Innovation Measurement

We validate incremental innovation from external sources and gather insights from users in the field to measure the effectiveness of user-centered product and service design.


Innovation Consulting

Consultancies for user-centered design thinking and lean innovation.”

Our Values

At DoWell, we embody customer-centricity, excellence in research, collaboration, innovation, ethical practices, and diversity. We deeply understand our clients' needs, deliver superior user experiences, foster strong partnerships, embrace innovation, uphold ethical standards, and value diversity. These values drive our commitment to providing world-class user experience research and consulting services.


Our Mission

At DoWell, our mission is to empower businesses with exceptional user experiences. Through insightful research and innovative solutions, we strive to understand user needs and translate them into actionable recommendations. By leveraging our expertise and cutting-edge methodologies, we help our clients unlock the full potential of their products and services. Our commitment is to be a trusted partner, delivering value and making a positive impact in user-centered design. Together, we shape the future of user experiences, one project at a time.


Our History

At DoWell, we have a rich history of excellence in user experience research and consulting. With years of experience, we have established ourselves as leaders in the industry, working with diverse clients globally. Throughout our journey, we have continuously refined our expertise, driven by a passion for improving user experiences. Our commitment to innovation and adaptability has allowed us to stay ahead of the curve and deliver impactful solutions. As we move forward, we remain dedicated to creating meaningful user-centered design experiences and shaping the future of the fieldNone


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