Quality Policy

In all projects, we follow our own internal quality procedures

  1. Recruit twofold sample size
  2. Check over phone/ social media/ professional bodies to know more about respondents
  3. Additional screening on professional competitiveness if needed
  4. Classify respondents to “selected” and “backups”
  5. Invite 20% more respondents to FGD/DI to assure recruitment ratios
  6. Two tier quality check in transcription. By transcriber and moderator
  7. Statistical methods for tabulation and reporting

Code and conduct

D’Well is a member of following associations who set the standards of research

  • ESOMAR – European society for opinion and marketing research, The Netherlands
  • AMSRS – Australian market and social research society, Australia
  • QRCA – Qualitative research consultants association, The USA
  • PDMA – Product development and management association, The USA
  • AQR – The Association for qualitative research, The UK

We are following guidelines of these associations in our practice. Our professionals are attending conferences and seminars of these associations regularly