Dowell uses network security measures consistent with current best practices to protect its network systems, website, email and mailing lists.

Technical Measures

These measures include technical, procedural, monitoring and tracking steps intended to safeguard data from misuse, unauthorized access or disclosure, loss, alteration or destruction. We conduct vulnerability assessment and networking audit on a regular basis on our systems to help detect any issues related to operating systems and networks which may lead to breach of security and loss of data.

Acceptable use policy

Our employees are required to follow an acceptable use policy and follow ethical practices. They are required to

  1. Not attempting to break the security of any computer network or user
  2. Not posting commercial messages to usenet groups without prior permission
  3. Not attempting to send junk e-mail or spam to anyone who doesn’t want to receive it.
  4. Not attempting to mail bomb a site with mass amounts of email in order to flood their server

Member and Client data protection                                                                                               

Member and Client Data is a high priority and we use our own protective measures, as well as the capabilities of our software and hardware vendors.We realize there can be incidents of misuse or unauthorized malware infiltration like hacking, virus, spyware attack as almost every network, website, service and user encounters. In those instances, our goals are to move quickly to isolate the problem, ensure or restore proper functionality and minimize any inconvenience to our uses.. As appropriate and necessary, Dowell will notify the relevant authorities of these incidents of misuse or unauthorized program infiltrations of the network.

This policy is applicable to all of Dowell’s websites and branches situated in different countries.

Changes in Privacy policy- We may update this policy from time to time by posting new version on the D’Well Research Website. Please refer to this policy regularly.

Please contact Managing Director of DoWell in if you have any doubts and concerns.