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Each Sample Is Unique In Our User Experience Lab And Gives Insights For Innovation

DoWell is providing exclusive user experience research information from the field to support user-centered product design of medium and large companies globally.

About Us

Each sample is unique in our User Experience Lab and gives insights for innovation

We are based in Singapore and have field teams in prominent cities of Asia and Africa. Our services will help you to target specific markets and reduce your infrastructure cost to gather information about these markets

User Experience Lab

Innovation Process


The Journey Begins

DoWell understands the importance of design thinking in creating user-centered products. We believe that the journey begins by empathizing with the human needs involved, defining the problem in human-centric ways, ideating by generating many ideas, prototyping by adopting a hands-on approach, and finally, testing the solution. Our exclusive user experience research information from Asia and Africa can help you through all stages of the design thinking process to ensure the creation of products that meet the needs of your users.



At DoWell, we understand the importance of ideation in the design thinking process. That's why we have a structured approach to evaluate and rank every idea. Each idea is evaluated in a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) framework to determine its potential. We believe that by ranking each idea, we can focus our efforts on the most promising
ones, ensuring that the final solution meets the needs of our clients and their users.



In user-centered product design, it is important to generate a variety of concepts to explore different possibilities. At our organization, we encourage users to create their own concepts based on their objectives. Our team works with users to refine their concepts and turn them into practical solutions. By involving users in the process of generating concepts, we ensure that the final product meets their needs and aligns with their objectives. This approach allows us to tap into the creativity of users and generate fresh ideas that may not have been possible otherwise.


Look & Feel

In the process of product design, the aesthetics and overall appearance of the final product are just as important as its functionality. Our organization provides users with an artistic representation of their concepts, allowing them to get a sense of what the final product will look like. This approach enables users to provide their feedback and make necessary changes to
ensure that the product meets their expectations. Our team works closely with users to ensure that the final product not only looks visually appealing but also functions well and fulfills their needs.



Prototyping and testing are crucial stages in the product design process. By creating a
prototype, we can test the solution to the problem and get valuable feedback from targeted users. This feedback can provide deep insights into the needs and expectations of the users, allowing for further innovation and improvement. At our organization, we prioritize hands-on approaches to prototyping to ensure that the final product meets the needs of the users.